"Minimizing risk is the basis of any entrepreneurial venture, and this principle holds especially true in real estate today. Cycles come and go, but conservative land development continues to provide higher returns and greater safety than most other alternative investments. That's our business." - Paul Giuntini, President

For over 40 years

PacificUS Real Estate Group and its principals have successfully developed and managed a diverse range of real estate assets throughout the United States. The firm's current projects span the development of residential, commercial and hospitality properties in California. These projects involve land with topographical and environmental constraints and plans with complex entitlements and permitting.

Throughout our activities

PacificUS Real Estate Group works with communities, government agencies and private enterprises to develop the best possible projects, and these efforts have been rewarded by the firm consistently securing all the local, state, and federal permits necessary to build and sell projects. PacificUS has significant expertise in managing the varied and often competing interests inherent in land development.

Characteristics of success

Experience, vitality, achievement, motivation and the aggressive seeking of opportunity serve as the hallmarks of PacificUS Real Estate Group and guide the firm in its goal of finding new value in real estate.