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Development & Entitlement Services

PacificUS provides the essential land development and entitlement services necessary to transform raw land into valuable property poised for development. These services extend from the initial lead agency application and through local, state, and federal permitting, civil engineering, architectural design, and construction management. PacificUS develops projects for its own benefit, on behalf of clients, and in joint venture.

We have experience in today’s more difficult land development stratum, including environmental review processes, hillside / slope development, and outreach with confrontational communities and unwilling government agencies.

Environmental Review

- The Issue - Mandated environmental review represents perhaps the greatest threat to a project's scope, approval, and financial viability. Expanding regulations provide project opponents the ability to protract or even stop a project.

- Our Advantage - We have extensive experience with state and federal environmental processes and, when necessary, adjudication. Our personnel have successfully processed various environmental declarations, including complex Environmental Impact Reports under CEQA. We leverage our experience and conservative, forward-looking decision making to navigate these hurdles in a timely and cost effective manner.

Challenging Topography

- The Issue - As populations expand toward natural barriers, new development often occurs on slopes or less ideal topography, and such projects entail added permitting and engineering, which add time and cost. Managers require engineering experience and the ability to determine financial viability, especially in the early design stages.

- Our Advantage - We have over 30 years of hillside development experience and have designed and constructed projects with tens of millions of cubic yards of earth work. We understand the financial, geotechnical, environmental and aesthetic impacts that make a hillside development feasible.

Public Support

- The Issue - Today’s projects require the support and cooperation of varied and conflicting interests. Lead agencies solicit the opinions and approvals of neighbors, activist groups and state and federal agencies. As a project’s scope and complexity increases, developers must effectively build support through a variety of channels.

- Our Advantage - We utilize structured community and agency outreach programs in order to process major subdivisions, commercial retail centers and hospitality developments. We pride ourselves on integrity, and supplement this strength with campaign strategy and by supporting the communities we work in.


Land Characteristics
- Inopportune Zoning
- Challenging Topography
- Environmental Sensitivity
- Jurisdictional Waters
- Cumbersome Title

Entitlements Requiring
- Environmental Impact Reports
- Master Plans for Subdivisions
- Unwilling Government Agencies
- Public Relations & Outreach
- Water & Sewer Treatment / Reuse

Management Services
- Civil Engineering
- Architecture
- Grading & Backbone
- On-Site Improvements
- Building Construction