Real Estate Group

Forty Years Strong

PacificUS Real Estate Group and its principals have successfully developed, managed, and constructed a diverse range of real estate assets throughout the United States. Our current projects span the development of residential, commercial, and hospitality properties in Southern and Central California. These projects involve land with challenging environmental constraints and plans with complex entitlements. We are a family owned business that has stood the test of time.

In the Green

Our projects are on the forefront of the green technology and best management practices. We work with tertiary wastewater treatment systems, wetland restoration and mitigation, special status species avoidance prograns, drought tolerant landscaping, hydrocarbon remediation, low impact development, and LEED construction standards. We have dedicated more than 1,000 acres of permanent open space to conservation agencies within LA County.

Building Relationships

We work with communities, government agencies, and private enterprises to transform undervalued properties into into their highest and best use. We actively build coalitions through education, outreach, and two-way communication. Our philosophy has persevered through real estate cycles, industry trends, and expanding regulations.

Characteristics of Success

Experience, vitality, achievement, integrity, and the aggressive seeking of opportunity serve as our hallmarks and guide us in our goal of finding new value in real estate.