Real Estate Group

Past Projects

PacificUS has managed and developed 2.7 million square feet of office space; 2,000 hotel rooms; 14,000 acres of prime residential land; 15,000 lots; 11,000 single family homes; 860 apartment units; 360 condominium units; plus 42,500 acres of other residential, industrial and recreational land - all of which have been sold to third-party buyers.

Below is a list of major projects completed by PacificUS.

Colorado Place

Santa Monica, California

PacificUS' key executives acquired Colorado Place (now Yahoo! Center) in 1985 and sold the property in 1989. Over this period, management acquired the completed Phase I, consisting of 500,000 square feet of office space, and the undeveloped Phase II, consisting of 10 acres of land entitled for office, retail and hotel use. Management restructured existing Phase I leases and revised Phase II entitlements to include more office space. 10 additional acres were acquired and entitled for Phase III. All three phases were sold in 1989.

Sheraton Landmark

Vancouver, British Columbia

PacificUS' key executives purchased the Sheraton Landmark (now the Empire Landmark), Sheraton Villa Inn, and Sheraton Plaza in 1991. Management renovated the 797 room hotel portfolio and sold the properties to Chinese investors in 1992.

Dana Point Hotel

Dana Point, California

PacificUS' key executives purchased partially approved entitlements for the 350 room hotel project in 1986. Management completed entitlements, design, placement of construction financing, construction management, and operator selection. The trophy property was successfully operated for a year and then sold to the Slatkin family.

Carlsberg Ranch

Moorpark, California

PacificUS was contracted to complete the entitlements for the Carlsberg Ranch, a 500 acre raw land parcel in Southern California. Management obtained entitlements for the Carlsberg Specific Plan, which include 534 single family homes, 40 acres of commercial, 33 acres of business park, a 29 acre school, and 7 acres reserved for institutional use. PacificUS acted as the construction manager for the buildout of the project's backbone infrastructure. The commercial and business park portions are now the Moorpark Marketplace and Patriot Commerce Center, respectively.

Pacific Center

Solana Beach, California

Via joint venture, PacificUS' key executives acquired land in Solana Beach and constructed, leased, and sold the 62,000 square feet building.

Hotel Nikko

Beverly Hills, California

Hotel Entitlement & Construction

PacificUS' key executives acquired the property, secured entitlements for a 395 room hotel, and completed the architectural design. This package was then sold to a third party, which retained management for construction management services.

100 Wilshire

Santa Monica, California

Office Renovation

PacificUS' key executives acquired a vacant 100 Wilshire in 1986 when the building's previous tenant, GTE, relocated its headquarters to Thousand Oaks. The building had insufficient parking and an open floor plan, making it unsuitable for use by multiple tenants. Management negotiated long term parking contracts and renovated the entire building into a multi-tenant configuration. Management leased and then sold the building to Japanese investors in 1988.

Parc Telegraph

San Francisco, California

PacificUS acquired a city block at the foot of Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower and constructed Parc Telegraph and Lombard Plaza, a 282 unit apartment and condominium complex with 20,000 square feet of ground level commercial space. The project required significant revisions to the previous entitlements in order to make theproject financially feasible.

Palm Royale

La Quinta, California

PacificUS' key executives acquired the desert property and obtained entitlements for 354 units and an 18 hole executive golf course.

Anaheim Hills

Anaheim, California

PacificUS’ key executives acquired the 2,500 acre Anaheim Hills property and, over 3 years, entitled the land for two major subdivisions, including the 2,100 unit Anaheim Highlands and 1,800 unit Serrano Heights communities.

Talega Valley

San Clemente, California

PacificUS acquired the 3,510 acre Talega Valley property from several family trusts in 1987. PacificUS then obtained entitlements for 5,000 homes, two golf courses, and commercial and industrial uses. The property was sold in 1989 to Arvide Talega LP.

Wilshire Plaza

Santa Monica, California

PacificUS acquired and renovated the 78,000 square feet office building. After successfully increasing the rent roll, the property was sold.

Wilshire Westgate

Los Angeles, California

PacificUS' key executives built, leased, and sold the 45,000 square feet office building.